We ship orders within 24/48 hours (from Monday to Friday excluding holidays) from the receipt of payment. You can check the delivery terms at this link From the moment the order is received we send a confirmation email, after which a second email with a tax receipt will follow. When the order has been shipped, you will receive an email directly from the courier containing all the information on the shipment, including the tracking number.
Follow the instructions on the label carefully. Natural bamboo material could shrink up to 3-5% more than cotton. We therefore recommend that you carefully shake the item immediately after washing and before drying. Do not insert in the dryer.
To become a reseller, send us an email on this address: ordini@bamboom.it with your phone number and the address of your shop, we will take care of passing your request directly to the agent in the area.
In the Stores section at the bottom of the page you can find the map with all the stores.
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We have two sizes of sleeping bags. The smallest usable from 0 to 6 months is 70cm. While the size of the largest can vary from 90 to 110 cm and is suitable from 6 to 36 months, thanks to a convenient button that allows you to gain / tighten 10cm
The maximum age varies from product to product. On the website you can see the sizes we have available for each item.
Wearing: 0-0M = 44-48 cm, 1M = 56 cm, 3M = 62 cm, 6M = 68 cm, 9M = 80 cm, e 18M = 86 cm
Shoes: XS= 0-6M, S= 6-12M, M= 12-18M, L=18-24M
Hats: S=0-4M, M=5-8M, L= from 9 months until 2/3 years old
0-2 years = length 42 cm , largeness: 32 cm
2-4 years = length: 53 cm , largeness 36 cm
4-6 years = length: 64 cm, largeness: 42 cm
2-4 years = length 53 cm, largeness 57 cm
Winter bag:
Igloo mini = length 77 cm, largeness 35 cm
Igloo Bimbo and Igloo Combi = length 100 cm, largeness 47 cm, until 4 years old.
If the item is not currently unavailable, it will be available for purchase again as soon as possible
You can find the items currently on sale at this link in the SALE section
COLD SEASON 2.5 - 4.0
WALKING 2.5 - 4.5
Sure! It is easily adaptable to all models of strollers and booster seats. The maximum age of use is 3 years.
Yes. Costs per desired country can occur on general site conditions
You can find the steps in the Returns section of the general conditions
The material is elastic enough to ensure the comfort of the baby, but less elastic than normal jersey, in this way it allows maximum safety and containment. The Sling can be used in all seasons, thanks to the breathable and thermal properties of the soft bamboo fiber. On our Instagram profile @bamboomofficial you can find a tutorial on how to correctly wear the headband on the front. It is also possible, for older babies, to use it also on the back.
Bamboom is an Italian company and almost all products are made internally in Italy. The label indicates the origin of the product as well as the washing instructions for the latter. We have chosen to move some production out of Italy, but always keeping our high quality standards. All the fabrics used boast an Oeko-Tex Class 1 certificate